Advantages and Disadvantages of Emerging Technology

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Before we look at the benefits of technology, let’s have a brief discussion about its definition, origins, functions, and impact on society. Let’s start with an overview of what is meant by emerging technology. This term is often used to describe new technologies in development or to describe technological advances that are expected to make a difference within five to ten years. It’s often reserved for technologies with significant social and economic implications. The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of emerging technology.


Despite the many different definitions, one common term for technology is the application of scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life. This practice is sometimes referred to as “technology”, and includes both the process and the products of human innovation. The process that results in the development of any new technology involves a detailed progression known as the Technological Design Process. In order to develop new technologies, humans must first apply the knowledge and skills they have developed to improve the quality of their lives.


History of technology is the category of world history that deals with inventions. Technology can mean anything from simple stone tools to genetic engineering and information technology. However, there are differences between these two categories. While some technological innovations are related to the development of society, some are quite separate. Here are some common examples of early technology. To understand the evolution of technology, it’s best to first understand how people used stone tools. Then, consider the different uses of technology in the world today.


Different types of technology serve different purposes. In human culture, the most popular technological article is clothing. It perfectly frames the concept of aesthetic beauty. A single artifact may involve many different types of technology, but its primary symbolic function is to indicate social status or power pyramid. Jewels are a prime example of technological artifacts with significant symbolic value. Their price has a great impact on their wearer’s presence. Although technology is a tool, it cannot completely replace human capabilities.

Impact on society

The impact of technology on society has long been a focus of sociology study. The onset of digital technologies has brought rapid social change and altered national, regional, and global social structures. To keep pace with these changes, students should take advantage of the rapidly-evolving world of digital technologies by earning a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Northern Kentucky University. This degree will equip you with the necessary tools to assess the impact of digital technology on society.


Critics of technology are concerned with the consequences of new technological advancements on society. They may have been born out of book criticism, but in recent years their ideas have found their way into mainstream media. Recently, anti-technology writers have been prominent in bipartisan legislation, Netflix documentaries, and the latest “Space Jam” movie. And, they’ve been appointed to top government positions, including the presidency. Some of the most well-known examples of critics of technology are listed below.

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