How Fashion Is Influenced by Politics and the Environment

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Fashion has evolved throughout history. The 20th century saw mass production of Fashion garments. By the end of the century, people began choosing their clothes based on their personal style preferences. People also started to create their own trends. Today, Fashion is influenced by both the political and environmental environment. To understand more about Fashion, read our articles below.

Modern fashions

Is fashion modern? asks that question, examining 111 items of clothing. In the book, we see Levi’s 501s, the Breton shirt, the Little Black Dress, the sari, the pearl necklace, and the keffiyeh, among other iconic items. The show challenges designers to respond to these items through pioneering materials and designs, connecting their history and contemporary usage.

Cole and Deihl also explore the influence of celebrity culture on fashion in the late 19th century, where Princess Alexandra contributed to the acceptance of women wearing tailored ensembles. The History of Modern Fashion traces the interplay between fashion and other cultural phenomena throughout history, noting how different fashions symbolize political and social movements.

Sustainable fashions

Purchasing sustainable fashions means choosing fabrics that are gentle on the environment and that are produced in an environmentally friendly way. Some examples of sustainable fabrics include polyester made from recycled water bottles and nylon derived from old fishing nets. Other sustainable fabrics include Tencel, which is made using a closed-loop process from sustainably harvested wood. Some fashion brands have also begun to switch to organic cotton, which uses 91% less water than non-organic cotton.

You can also consider buying secondhand clothing or renting it instead of buying new. When you buy secondhand clothing, you’ll avoid the environmental impact of a new garment. Moreover, buying clothes secondhand helps you avoid the harmful effects of fashion manufacturing.

Political influences on fashion

Political influences on fashion can be seen from the early days of the American Civil War to the present. Throughout history, women have used their clothing to express their political views. Feminist leaders and queens have worn subversive garments to protest patriarchy. In the 1970s, celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor and Cher raised awareness of sexual harassment and abuse by wearing black power outfits. The influence of political activism on fashion has become so widespread, that even fashion has become a form of political expression.

Political fashion has become increasingly popular since the 2016 election. Pantsuit parties in support of Hillary Clinton were commonplace, while white supremacists donned polos in the Charlottesville protest. The rise of alt-right activism in North America and Europe has also fueled a new trend for political-themed clothing.

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