Important Issues in News

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There are two types of news: hard news and features. Hard news catches your attention, while features keep you interested. And, of course, news is not always good news! Oftentimes, news is only the rough draft of history. News is what a solitary chap wants to read, but only until he actually reads it.

20 categories of what makes news

There are several factors that determine whether a story is newsworthy. The first is the number of people affected. For example, an income tax increase will affect most people’s pockets, but it is not necessarily newsworthy. Another factor is the amount of interest the story can generate. For example, the Covid-19 pandemic in the early 2020s generated huge interest.


Fairness in news coverage is an important issue for media companies. The Pulitzer Prize for Fairness in Journalism promotes and rewards journalism that is free of bias and unbiased. However, fairness in news coverage can be difficult to achieve in many instances.


The shareability of news is an important measure of the impact a story has on readers. It is a function of the headline and key elements of the story. Shareable stories have a compelling emotional element and are easy to understand and share. Newsrooms can use analytics to help create shareable stories.


Exclusivity in news is an important issue for news organizations and publishers. While exclusives can be lucrative, they also come with a number of risks. First, the story must be compelling enough to warrant exclusivity. If the story’s angle is weak, it might not be worth the risk. Furthermore, exclusives prevent other outlets from running the story.

Value of objectivity

The Value of Objectivity in News Journalism has often been debated, but it still remains a fundamental principle of journalism. In the 1960s, as the American press grappled with protest movements and political polarization, the issue of objectivity in news reporting was a hot topic. While journalists often expressed their personal opinions, they did not always report the news in an unbiased fashion. Instead, they tended to advocate for or against political candidates or use their coverage to benefit the newspaper they worked for.

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