The Values of News

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Often the word “news” is used to mean anything that happens, but in fact news is a particular type of information. In order to be considered news, an event or something must be interesting and must have an effect on readers or viewers. It must also be new, unique and have an element of surprise.

In the early 1600s, the first newspapers emerged in Germany. Later, the printing press was spread across the world. Today, most newspapers have internet sites, as well as radio and television stations. However, the news is still judged according to the same guidelines, no matter where it is distributed.

The news has a limited lifespan and needs to be brief. A lot of time is spent on finding the right story for a given audience. The information must be accurate, fair and significant. In addition, the news is evaluated by the journalist to determine its credibility.

In some cases, a controversy or a scandal can create news, even if the people involved are not famous. This type of news has negative overtones, but it can also be a source of interest. It can also lead to money lost and fortunes gained. It can involve sex or other behaviour that is out of the norm for a society.

Other types of news are health stories, which include medical research, drug treatments and diets. In addition, there are entertainment stories. These may include showbusiness, sex and humorous treatment of events. Then there are financial stories, such as tax refunds and economic crises. There are also money stories, such as compensation claims and wage rises. These stories are mainly front page news.

The most important value of news is surprise. Many people take interest in confrontation between different groups or nations. This is why a greater loss of life creates more impact for the reader. Other factors that contribute to the news value are proximity, magnitude and conflict. These are the four main values that journalists use to evaluate a news story.

Other values of news are related to the audience’s reaction to the news. The audience’s reaction can affect the news’ impact on the reader. In addition, the news can be considered shareable if it is written in a way that encourages social interaction.

The news is often considered the oxygen of democracy. It provides the public with information about events that happen around them, helping them learn more about themselves. The free press does not exist without an informed citizenry. In the 1960s, United Press International was the world’s leading news agency, but in the 1980s it declined and was sold off at low prices. It now operates 18 channels and reaches more than one billion viewers worldwide.

Aside from the factors listed above, news stories can be classified according to their source. Some sources are better for breaking news and aggregated news, while others are great for historical news. Some news outlets, such as Al Jazeera, are appreciated by millions as an alternative to the Western media.

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