What Is News?

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News is information about current events. It is delivered to the public through a variety of media, including newspapers, magazines, radio, television and the Internet. People can also find out about important events through word of mouth or by visiting websites run by government agencies. News is typically written and published to inform, rather than entertain. However, it may contain elements of drama, suspense and entertainment value.

The information that makes it into a newspaper, onto the TV news line-up or posted on a news website is determined by people who work for the news organization. These people are called editors, journalists or gatekeepers and they have many choices to make when deciding what the public should be told about the world around them.

Generally, the news focuses on important events that affect the majority of the population, such as wars, earthquakes, natural disasters, fires and political upheavals. People are also interested in the lives of famous people and stories about pets or animals. In order to qualify as news an event must be significant, dramatic, or surprising. It should also be timely, meaning that it is happening now or will happen soon.

It is essential to know your audience when writing a news article. This will dictate the voice and tone of your article as well as what information you include. For example, a news story about an insect that is threatening the food supply will be of more interest to a farm community than one about a celebrity divorce.

Usually, the most important pieces of information are placed at the top of the article. This is referred to as being “above the fold.” This refers to the fact that when the newspaper is folded there is a crease where the top part of the paper meets the bottom part. Similarly, when an online news site is scrolled through the most important stories are displayed at the top.

The tone of the news is usually serious but can also be humorous or lighthearted. It can also be emotional, depending on the subject matter. Often, the most interesting and important parts of the story are quoted from sources that have unique knowledge or information. These can be experts, politicians or people affected by the subject of the story. Using these quotes will add credibility to the piece and help the reader understand the full scope of the situation. Keeping the language simple is important as well, as it will not confuse or distract the reader. This is especially true if the article is to be used in a classroom environment. This allows the students to concentrate on the important facts of the story and not be distracted by difficult linguistics. Also, if the article is being used in an educational setting it is beneficial to highlight any research or additional resources that are available to students so that they can continue to study the topic. This can be done by directing students to a specific website or providing contact details of an individual that could provide further information.

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